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Professional and Reliable Window Cleaning Services in Redditch

Call or text us for a free no obligation quote – 07502292926

All new customers have their prices fixed for at least 12 months. All other regular customers have a price rise due in March of each calendar year at or below inflation. All customers are notified of any price rises and how it affects them individually.

As every property is different we supply YOU with a personalised quote and service to meet your needs. We offer 4 weekly cleans (recommended for optimum results), 8 weekly cleans and one off cleans. We also clean internally if requested at X2 the cost of your external clean.

Customers can expect a “text message” the night before there clean is due, so no more leaving gates open for days on end just in case your window cleaner happens to show up. We also as standard clean the frames and sills on your window at each visit. JJS window cleaning service are window cleaners and we believe in cleaning your entire window and not just your glass.

How to get a quote

The fastest way to get a quote is to send a photo of the front and back of your property plus any side windows that would need to be cleaned to us on 07502292926. We use WhatsApp for convenience but images can also be sent to us through Facebook or standard MMS messages.

Water Fed Pole Window Cleaning

Our Pure water system allows us to include your frames and sills at no extra cost. Our system also allows us to reach all of your windows, and as we work ladder free we are health and safety compliant and can reach your windows without walking on your roof and damaging your tiles and leaving ladder marks in your lawn. Our Pure water system brings amazing results, call us today to join our growing list of satisfied customers.

Water fed pole window cleaning in Redditch

Advantages of Water fed pole cleaning

Using Pure water to clean your windows has many advantages over the traditional methods of bucket and squeegee or leather and shammy, we know this because before we converted to Pure water we used these methods ourselves.

There are clean benefits for our operatives, the environment, and most importantly our customers.

Pure water is better for the environment

It is estimated there are around 180,000 window cleaners throughout the U.K still cleaning windows using detergents. This carries a potential use of up to a Kilo of detergent per day, run off from the detergents can return to the ground and can pollute the water table.

Pure water is the ideal choice for those who care about the environment, Pure water when used possesses no danger to plants, pets and most importantly your family.


We work without using ladders to ensure we are fully health and safety compliant, our brushes are industry-leading brushes that provide the perfect clean on your windows, frames and sills without scratching your glass or sills unlike traditional cleaning methods that hold the risk of possibly damaging your glass if used incorrectly

Cleaning is safer

Our high reach Carbon fibre poles deliver Pure water at heights of up to 45feet, this almost eliminates the use of ladders and complies with Health and safety law and working at height regulations. Our operatives can work safely and effectively with their feet firmly on the ground during the cleaning process.

Added privacy for Customers

As we don’t use ladders there will be no nasty surprises. Imagine looking out through your bedroom or bathroom windows to see your window cleaner starting back at you looking startled and slightly embarrassed. Instead all you will see if our poles cleaning your window and rinsing the final dirt away with our Pure water, quite a therapeutic sight.

Windows stay cleaner for longer

Traditionally a window cleaner would clean your windows every 2 weeks using bucket and blade, using Pure water along with a special additive we use, your windows stay clean for up to 4 weeks, meaning a 4 weekly cleaning cycle your windows will look stunning all year round, and instead of paying for a fortnightly clean it is now a monthly clean, meaning savings for the customer and less intrusion for our customers.

Water Fed Pole FAQ

Traditional window cleaners Redditch

Traditional window cleaning methods involve using soap on your windows and squeegeeing off with a rubber blade. We apply soapy water to your windows using an applicator and then remove with a squeegee. We will then detail around the edges of your windows and remove any remaining water with a microfiber cloth.


How It Works

You( the customer ) will receive an automated message informing you that your scheduled clean is due the next day. We ask customers to provide a mobile phone number or a valid email address so reminders can be sent. This is to prompt you to open or unlock your back gate( if needed ), and to keep you informed so you know when to expect us. 

We reserve the right to invoice at full price for a locked gate if the reminder text was received. If you receive an 8 weekly service we will endeavour to bring your clean forward by 4 weeks so the full property can be cleaned, if you receive a 4 weekly service, we will simply attempt to do the full clean 4 weeks later. If gates continue to be locked we will charge the full cleaning price and we would at this point contact you to re evaluate the service. If for some reason beyond our control that we cant attend on the day, a member of the team will be in touch keeping you fully informed. 

We ask that customers make there garden as hazard free as possible and ask all dog owners to clear up any dog faeces prior to our arrival as dog faeces can be a health and safety issue for our staff and can contaminate our equipment. JJ’S reserve the right to only clean the front and side of the property if there are dog faeces in the garden or charge a £30.00 sterilisation fee if our equipment becomes contaminated. 

Repeated occasions will see the service being terminated. JJ’S aim to provide a thorough and comprehensive service to all our customers throughout Redditch, Evesham and the Worcestershire area and we value and comply with health and safety benefitting our customers and ensuring the welfare of our staff.

Need your garage door cleaning? We can do this from £2, ask when you book your window clean

Commercial Window Cleaning in Redditch and Evesham

JJS window cleaning service provides a commercial window cleaning service that is flexible, and we will work with our commercial clients to schedule the most appropriate time to carry out commercial work around the needs of the business if requested. Let’s face it, a busy call centre does not want their window cleaning carried out when they are at their most busy period, nor would a school want a window cleaning carrying out his work when school is in full swing. If requested, we will carry out work during anti-social hours or at the weekend if this better suits your needs.

JJS are also fully insured and we have public liability insurance up to 5 Million pounds.

We are health and safety compliant and will also complete and provide written method statements and risk assessments where deemed necessary or when requested.

For larger commercial work we will work Nationwide, please call or message today.